Eastern Bible Institute

Dr. Odessa McNeill Academic Dean


The mission of Eastern Bible Institute (EBI) is to help individuals recognize their purpose and plan for life. It is our goal to teach students how to see themselves as God sees them.

Our History

Our founder, Bishop Willie L. Smith, completed several years of study at the Manhattan Bible Institute but was troubled because there was no similar Christian Institute in New Jersey. In 1976, with much prayer and divine guidance, Bishop Smith opened the New Jersey Bible Institute in the basement of his home in Newark, NJ. The original enrollment was three students, but because of the measure of need and interest, within a year enrollment increased ten-fold, necessitating another move to a larger facility. God gave Bishop Smith favor with Bishop Harry Spellman who opened his facility to NJ Bible Institute. Enrollment increased and permanent headquarters for the school was sought, and found at 97l Clinton Avenue, Irvington, New Jersey.

In order to broaden its accommodation to nationwide extensions, the school's name was changed to, "The Eastern Bible Institute". With the assistance of several dedicated ministers and the gathering of suitable material the Eastern Bible Institute was incorporated in the State of New Jersey. Although the founder has moved from his earthly position, his visions and dreams for the Eastern Bible Institute continue to be carried forth by his family.

Admissions Requirements

Eastern Bible Institute admits students of any race, color or origin to all of the rights, privileges, programs and activities made available to all of Eastern's Student Body. Eastern Bible Institute has a Zero Tolerance policy as it pertains to racial discrimination. Race, color or origin are not factors considered when promulgating administrative, educational, and fiscal policies. A student must possess a High School Diploma from an approved public or private High School, or a GED equivalent, in order to enroll in all programs.

Transfer Students:

All applicants from another College or Bible school must submit an Official Transcript of records from each school attended. Transcripts must be submitted to the registrar's office no later than fifteen (15) business days prior to the beginning of the semester that entry is intended. Transfer students are handled individually based on an assessment of all curricular activity presented. Evaluation of credits: credit classification meetings must be scheduled with the Dean's Panel. "Transfer students" tuition is subject to variation from the regular schedule of fees, pending the level of degree the student is seeking at the time of enrollment.

Student Classification: Auditor

A student who desires to hear the lecture of a course, but will not do the assigned work or receive any credit for that specific course. Auditors are required to pay the appropriate fees for class attendance.


Eastern Bible Institute Irvington, NJ
Curriculums for Fall/Spring Semester
Eastern Bible Institute is in Partnership with Freedom Bible College and Seminary, Rogers, Arkansas.

Note: Chapel or Christian Leadership hours are required twice a month for all students. Thesis and Research Class are a requirement.

Contact Information
Eastern Bible Institute
971 Clinton Avenue
Irvington, NJ 07111
(973) 399-7000 ext 105