Harvest Time International Trip Recap 2015

Harvest Time International is a non denominational Christian Evangelistic Missionary Organization. It is a 501 3c non-profit organization whose mission is to evangelize and implement effective Bible teaching programs and to facilitate and maintain a missions bridge between foreign lands and the United States. Dr. Odessa McNeill is chairperson, assisted by Elder Eddie Douglas Anderson, pastor of Tabernacle of Jesus, Newark, NJ and they solicit the help of pastors, teachers, ministers and laity who travel with them to foreign lands and assist with administrative functions.

The most recent trip was to Tijuana Mexico where Dr. McNeill and five other team members worked with two Missions organizations. We partnered with Missions Act Ministries which is headed by Rev. Michael Waldrup. Rev. Michael has ministered in Mexico for more than 25 years, organizing projects and mission endeavors that meet the needs of the people on an ongoing basis; this includes development of community facilities, establishing training centers, providing adequate water, food, clothing, homes, clinics, and education.

The mission teams who partner with Michael are given cooperative opportunities to help improve the material and spiritual conditions in Mexico by formation of prayer groups, evangelistic teams, planning teams, medical, agricultural, acquisition and distribution teams who have equal and positive impact on the communities that are served.

Michael introduced and arranged for the Harvest Time Team to partner with Pastor Rebeca Bernal DeGodoy who is the Executive Director of Matthew Institute. This Institute trains and equips volunteers to work with the young population letting them know how important they are. Their purpose is to touch the future by preventing delinquency, illiteracy, and malnutrition; through a variety of programs that take place at the Memos Clubs and various Civic Centers that Pastor Rebeca established in Tijuana.

A) Memos Clubs - the Clubs gather once week to teach the children moral values through a diversity of games and music. They also memorize Bible verses and great sayings from outstanding people in history. They are assisted with time tables, purchase of school uniforms, appointments with the dentist and doctor, furniture for their homes and more. Birthdays are celebrated and children are fed at the end of every meeting.

B) Community Civic Centers - Children see and use these Centers a second home. The centers have different hours of operation and are open three to six days a week, from four to six hours. The children are fed Breakfast, lunch and dinner, according to the hours of operation.

  • 1) Memos Classes are held
  • 2) They are helped with their school work
  • 3) Seminars on Math and Grammar are conducted
  • 4) Reading and Writing Programs are offered
  • 5) Personal Hygiene classes are taught
  • 6) Classes for Parents are offered
  • 7) They provide safety and protection

In addition to these endeavors Pastor Rebeca has opened Cecavi Institute, an Orphanage which houses children with life issues and challenges. The needs and demands continue to escalate in Mexico as in other areas around the world where children are concerned. Cecavi offers a secure home for the children and Pastor Rebeca is working with DIF-Children Protective Services of
Mexico to obtain an official agreement stating that any child participating in their programs, who needs to be removed for their home, will have Cecavi considered as first choice for a safe haven.

We were so impressed by the work that is being done with these children so this is where we focused our attention. We assisted with an Outreach at Cecavi Institute on Friday, July 10th. Bicycles, Toys, Backpacks and food was distributed to the children., along with hotdogs and snacks.

On Saturday, July 11, We met with the teachers of Matthew Institute to share our experiences and encourage them. The Agape Leaders from Agape Land, and Children's Ministry traveled with us, Andrea Chapman, Tennille Miller and Elder Leslie J,. Brown. They were able to experience first hand what mission endeavors involve and the satisfaction of interacting with Leaders and children in another country. People are people and the needs are the same every where you go; to be loved, wanted and valued.

We left there and went to a village where the Drug Cartel operates heavily and has threatened the church that is established there. We were able to assist Rev. Michael and Pastor Rebecca along with teachers from Matthew Institute with the Annual Outreach. Nine New Bicycles, Toys, Backpacks, and Shoes and Children's New Testament Bibles, that we had shipped before going, were distributed.

What a rewarding experience. Sunday, July 12, Elder Eddie Douglas Anderson., Pastor Frank Duncans and I preached in two churches in Rosarito, Baha California. Though the language is different, the Spirit of God is the same. We needed and had an interpreter but we felt the presence of God in the Praise and Worship, in the love shown by the people of Mexico and the hospitality extended from Rev. Michael and Pastor Rebeca.

We plan to continue to partner with these groups to achieve positive and long lasting results.

Thanks for your support and prayers.

Dr .Odessa McNeill

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