Consultation & Coaching Services

Christian Leadership

Dr. Odessa is an active Leader who is called upon to preach and teach at Church Services, Retreats, Workshops and Seminars. She trains leaders for ministry and to effectively serve in the area that they are called to.

She is sought after by Pastors, Heads of Christian Education departments, and Christian Schools to assist with training and implementation of methods and systems that are most effective.

She is on staff at Agape Family Worship Center, Rahway, NJ where she serves as an ordained Elder, Director of Christian Education, and as Academic Dean of Pneuma Life School of Ministry. Her focus is on equipping men and women with the Word of God, training Elders and Ministers for service, and providing oversight to the Christian Ed. Ministries. She assists her pastor with other areas of ministry where needed.

Christian Education for Churches

Training men and women for the work of Ministry is Dr. Odessa's passion. She has loved leaning since childhood and is always drawn to books, classes, and educational opportunities, therefore she spends her time serving as Academic Dean of two Bible Institutes, Eastern Bible Institute, Irvington, NJ where she taught for 28 years and has served as Dean for four years and Pneuma Life School Ministry, an affiliate of Agape Family Worship Center and in partnership with Oral Roberts, University where she has served for 10 years.

These positions allow her to influence lives in a positive way, design and /or implement curriculum, groom and employ instructors who have a passion for teaching Biblical, Theological, and Practical ministry courses while being enhanced during the process.

She has assisted several Churches and Pastors over the years and taught at various Retreats, workshops and seminars:

  • Mt. Zion Pentecostal Church- Elizabeth, NJ- Bishop Jesse McNeill
  • Grace Christian Fellowship- Old Bridge, NJ- Bishop Emmanuel Kuyatee
  • Global Empowerment Center, Atlanta, Georgia- Bishop Craig Soaries
  • Clearview Baptist Church, Newark, NJ-Pastor Eric Beckham
  • Christian Pentecostal Church, Irvington, NJ- The Late Bishop Willie L. Smith
  • Universal Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY-Rev. James. R. Green
  • St. Peters Bible Church of God- Southern Pines, NC -Bishop Roy McKoy
  • Peace Temple, Newark, NJ- Sis. Juliette Allen
  • St. Paul Life Center-UFWBC- End Time Handmaidens, Newark, NJ-Lady Amanda Rawls
  • Christian Fellowship church- Paterson, NJ- Apostle Joel Rudolph
  • Tabernacle of Jesus, Newark, NJ- Apostle Eddie Douglas Anderson

To name a few, and she is still preaching and teaching, assisting pastors and leaders with grooming and enhancing leaders who serve in ministry.

She designed and implemented a curriculum for training Elders and Ministers at Agape Family Worship Center which she teaches monthly. Dr. McNeill also coordinates a Wednesday noon day prayer weekly and teaches on effective prayer methods.

Lifestyle Coach and Advisement

Dr. Odessa is a Certified Behavior Analysis Consultant. This enables her to coach people who need direction with choices or who are dealing with problems in life. She can also assist people who need Counseling by referring them to licensed professionals.

She has assisted teens, the bereaved, seniors, married couples, singles, families, pastors and leaders.

Her philosophy is, "Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety." Proverbs 11:14

We need to know our limitations when assisting others, but there are always resources and people available to help.

Pastoral Leadership Coaching