Mexico Mission Trip of 2019

Mexico Mission Trip of 2019

The Children at Cecavi Children's Home in Tijuana,Mexico are growing and doing well. They have learned to play musical instruments and are often showcased at recitals and performances. Pastor Rebeca DeGodoy is to be commended for her vision. The Matthew 18 School that she founded continues to train students in the Word of God so they can assist with ministry. We will meet with the instructors and share ideas..

Civic Centers are established in various places to help train the children, feed them, and provide a safe haven. Thank God for all of the volunteers who give of their time, treasure and talent to make this possible.

The Pueblito Dump is still thriving with food and water being provided on a regular basis. The school that was built last year is a welcome addition for the families who live at the Dump. Prior to Pastor Rebeca establishing a ministry there, the children were not attending school.

This year, A team of five will visit the Dump and minister to the women and children. We will assist Mission Acts Ministries with various outreach endeavors . Elder Michael Waldrup is the coordinator. Our purpose is to asses progress and encourage those who live there.

We will conduct a Pastor and Leaders Symposium this year as well.
A detailed report will be posted after our missions trip.

Thanks for your financial and prayer support..

Children from the Orphanage have learned to play the Violin. Most of the children at the Orphanage have a horn or a violin. They will participate in a recital this coming Sunday!

We are at the School called Matthew 18 encouraging the Teachers who work with the children on various grade levels.

We did the final outreach at one of the facilities where they teach children about God and feed them Many of the live in the uncompleted housing project illegally with no running water, no windows, no food.
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